24/7 online generation

We are living in a world where we can be online and available 24/7, and a lot of people actually are. We are addicted to the internet and being updated and online whenever… Continue reading

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Günaydın, nasılsınız?

Günaydın, nasılsınız? Ben de iyiyim (Good morning, how are you? I’m fine) It is already almost April, so about time for a new update, for those who really want to know some details.… Continue reading

Merhaba Istanbul

Merhaba, Iyi aksamlar! (Hello, good evening) This time from Istanbul, where I’m going to study Business Management at the Istanbul Ticaret Üniversetesi, in English called Istanbul Commerce University, but if you say that… Continue reading

Back in Town

As most of you have already noticed, I’m back in civilization. After six weeks of traveling it was time to go back to Cape Town. I know you’re all very excited to read… Continue reading

Goodbye for now

Well, I promised you pictures from the shoot in my last post, but I still don’t have any, they don’t really take time serious in here, Capetonian style. So it will come, one… Continue reading


Here we are again, it is October already so another month passed by since the last time I wrote something so about time I write something again. Of course a lot happened in… Continue reading

Mother City

Already a Capetonian for more than a month now and I have done some cool things so far. Let me tell you a few things about the ‘Mother City’ Cape Town. First of… Continue reading

First two weeks in Cape Town SA

I have been in Cape Town for two weeks now so time to write something to keep everybody updated, sorry to the people who wanted to read something from me sooner but I have… Continue reading

Black water

        Is it a coke or some drop liquor? That was what I thought when I saw this in a shop, but it is just normal water! Well, not that… Continue reading